I appreciate being an elite escort, I am at the age when I want to have a fabulous time and meet awesome individuals and this is the ideal path for me to do it! Every one of the considerations offered to me will be great compensated!!!

Erotic welcome (60 minutes) ….INR 5000

Exceptional Pleasure (2 Hours)…INR 8000

Sweet and hot tryst (3 hours)…INR 10000

Supper date/Lunch date (2hrs supper 2hrs private)…INR 15000

*A romantic supper or lunch and an exceptionally erotic and sweet treat after…

Supper date (2hrs supper 4hrs private)…INR 20000

Overnight (around 12 hours)… INR 25000

Overnight (and a sweet breakfast together/around 16hrs)…INR 30000

24 hours meeting…INR 35000

48 hours meeting…INR 45000

Couples: Please include INR 2000 more every hour

Because Liza Mumbai understand you are occupied and you can meet escorts simply after Midnight. They will be satisfied to go along with you. Much obliged to you for comprehension!

* Gifts are to be given before the start of our an erotic encounter. Be a respectable man, please! It is important to the point that we both feel calm.

* If we are in a private zone, please give me my thought in an open envelope toward the start of our meeting.

* Consideration is for my time as it were!

Liza Mumbai consider clients appointments very important.

Liza Mumbai compassionately ask for you to have appreciation and thought for my time in case you should wipe out the booking!

It would be ideal if you inform before 24 hours before escort date if you wish to cross out.

Liza Mumbai understand that crises emerge so if you need to drop that day Liza Mumbai staff ask for a half store to reschedule or to cover for my bother.

Liza Mumbai, escorts constantly open to travel! With notification, they can go to meet you anyplace in Maharashtra.

If you never met with your escort, and you might want escort to go along with you in your get-away or business trip for a broadened time frame, I can do it yet with no less than 2 weeks notice.

All travel appointments require a 100% fee in advance.

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